Where it all Started

Growing up in countryside and having the privilege to be involved with family in hands on experience with mother nature and learning to grow own produce and respect animals right to live among us.
This lifestyle had play a big role in who we are now! As they always say “life is what you make it“. moving to London and temporary fading away from mother nature, it was time to share all the passion and love for real food with many others who wouldn’t even know how or where to start.
It’s all about making informative decisions and willing to change, change for good not a short term solution, in order to fully benefit from what mother nature has to offer but it’s taken for granted.

Why we're doing this

Our aim is to re-educate who is willing to reunite with nature and leave aside all kind of illnesses, mainly caused by wrong choices of food and lifestyle. It is that one decision to make now and change the rest of your life and others around you for good and for generations to come, remember we only have one chance to live, so lets live it…

Why Nutri-Station?


It’s amazing to see how little the majority of our kids know about where their food is coming from, what has been added to it and what are the nutritional benefits are when it comes to what we put in our body.

Plant Based

Consuming plant based foods such as nuts, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, while elimination or seriously reducing dairy and meat will have big impact on improving your cardiovascular health.

Free from refined Sugars & Gluten.

all our produce are naturally gluten free as we do not use flour at all, therefore the range our yummy treats are raw which are combined from variety of nuts.

we do not use refined (white sugar) what so ever, to compensate for the sweetness instead, we use a range of natural sugars such as dates, fruits and plant based sugars like coconut, agave or stevia.

Ethical & Sustainable

We source most our ingredients directly from local farmers wether is produced in UK or abroad.

Using only plant based ingredients even for our packaging, we ensure that our next generations can also enjoy what we are doing today!

Eat healthy organically grown produce

Eating local means better taste and supporting family farms

Save up to 2 hours per week grocery shopping